Cape Town, South Africa

Licensed Clinical Therapist

Overcoming Trauma

In addition to coping with triggers and symptoms, trauma therapy offers a space for exploring and processing the underlying emotions and beliefs associated with past traumatic experiences. Through a collaborative and compassionate therapeutic relationship, we will work together to unpack and understand the impact of your trauma on various aspects of your life.

In our sessions, we will integrate evidence-based modalities to address the complex effects of trauma on the mind and body. These approaches can help you reframe negative thought patterns, process distressing memories, and regulate overwhelming emotions.

Furthermore, trauma therapy involves exploring and rebuilding a sense of safety and trust within oneself and in relationships. Together, we will explore ways to enhance your sense of self-worth, boundaries, and interpersonal skills, fostering healthier connections and empowering you to create fulfilling relationships.

It’s important to recognise that healing from trauma is a nonlinear process, and I am committed to providing ongoing support and guidance as you navigate this journey. I believe in your resilience and capacity for growth, and I am dedicated to walking alongside you as you reclaim your strength, resilience, and sense of empowerment.